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Boxercise® is a form of exercise that many people find to be a really effective, interesting and fun way of getting fitter.  It can also be a great way to alleviate stress!  In the classes, participants learn punches including the jab, cross, hooks and uppercuts.  Participants, wearing boxing gloves, punch focus pads worn on the hands of other participants.  Participants should not directly hit each other!

So there is active contact through the boxing gloves against the focus pads, but there should not be physical contact between the participants. Sometimes punch bags may be used and circuit exercises will also be included.

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Fun, Whole Body Workout

The technical content and focus of the classes will vary.  As you develop your expertise you will find that there is always more to learn, so that the classes continue to interest, intrigue and challenge you – but in a welcoming, fun, supportive and respectful environment.

Boxercise® is suitable for women and of all levels of ability.  It provides a whole body workout and develops a wide range of skills, both technical and practical – for example, hand-eye coordination and balance.  Associated with this is increased cardiovascular fitness, muscular endurance and core strength.  This brings greater confidence and self-esteem.

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