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Group Fitness Training in Canterbury

I run small group training sessions with a typical maximum class size of between 5 and 8 people.  Very often the class size will be smaller than this. The small group size means that there is a much more personal feel to the classes and each person get much more individual attention.

Small group teaching enables a much more specialised focus on the needs of the group and on individuals within the group.

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The facility is a wonderful place to train in without feeling intimidated or embarrassed.  It is very private and has an excellent, comfortable, matted floor.

The space is not cluttered with cardiovascular and resistance machines and so there is space for you to learn how to execute techniques correctly and an environment which will hopefully make you feel nurtured and able to focus upon your training.

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I loved my Personal Training sessions with Xandra and appreciated her knowledge and ethos.  It was really pitch perfect.  Her sessions were superb and I felt tailor made for me.