Boxercise®, HIIT & Circuits 6 Week Course

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Boxercise®, HIIT & Circuits 6 Week Course

Boxercise® is an extremely popular form of fitness training, based upon the training methods used by boxers. The punches taught include jab, cross, hooks and uppercuts. The classes also include a range of circuit training exercises to give a comprehensive full body workout. The physical benefits of Boxercise® training can include improvements in cardiovascular fitness, muscular strength, endurance and tone, improvements in core strength and motor skills. Boxercise® is not a self defense class, nor is it designed to prepare participants to compete in the sport of boxing. The classes do not involve hitting an opponent. Nonetheless, participants may find that participating in Boxercise® helps to reduce stress levels, increase endorphins, boost mood and improve confidence and self esteem. This is a small group, female only class with a maximum of 5 participants. The class takes place in a quiet and very private facility with an excellent matted floor. It is a friendly, supportive and motivational environment. We have a huge amount of fun! Due to COVID you will need to have your own boxing gloves with you at each class.

Booking in advance only. Terms and Conditions apply.

Contact for further details.


15 Oct 2020


9:30 am - 10:15 pm


£40 Terms and Conditions apply.


254E Broad Oak Rd
Canterbury, Kent. CT2 7QH

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I loved my Personal Training sessions with Xandra and appreciated her knowledge and ethos.  It was really pitch perfect.  Her sessions were superb and I felt tailor made for me.